Photography F.A.Q.

How many images do I get? 

I don't limit your final images to any specific number, however you are trusting me to select the best images of those captured during your shoot. More isn't necessarily better. Depending on the session, you typically end up with around 12-15 images for full shoot, with select black and white edits. If its a short head shot shoot, you will receive up to 5 images.

Can I edit them myself? 

ABSOLUTELY NOT! All images are protected by copyright law and all legal rights are reserved. If you need any alterations, please ask. NO INSTAGRAM FILTERS WILL BE TOLERATED. If you prefer a specific style of edit- more hazy, added matte, etc- let me know ahead of time. I have to remain true to my own style, but if you prefer a slight variation notify me before your session. You will receive a print release, allowing you to print your images as you like, but I do retain all copyright to the images. 

I saw 400 shots on Pinterest that I just *HAVE* to get! Can I send you a link to my board? 

While I do love getting inspiration and motivation from other artists, it's never a good idea to copy someone else's idea. I'm happy to see your top 2-3 images, but please take a look at my work and my style- if you're requesting something drastically different than the images I typically show, I may not be the right artist for you. It's important that you find someone who's work you enjoy, and it's important that I am true to my style as well. I want us to be a good fit! 

How long does it take to get my final images?

I typically quote 1-2 weeks for the final turnaround. I try to deliver faster than this, but sometimes it does take the full 3 weeks to complete all editing and retouching. Please know that each and every image receives full detail and attention. 

Can you make me skinny? Can you edit my elbows to look smaller? What about that stain on the shirt? 

All editing and retouching is done at the artist's discretion. I am happy to do what I can with a spot on a shirt, but I try to capture the most flattering angles of everyone, as well as what matters most emotion and interaction! If your final images have a spot removed on all but one image, I am happy to fix the omission. But thats as far as I go when it comes to editing. If you have a person you want to remove from a photograph, thats not my skill set. Truth be told, I told myself that when I started doing photography that I didn't want to be known as the photographer that takes editing to the very extreme. I have a natural look to my photographs. I have a real look to my photography. I do my best to be the photographer that masters the use of light and captures emotion. So if its not a good fit I totally understand. I want you to have the right photographer that fits your style and taste. 

How early should I book my session?

I invest about 20 hours into each session between the planning, shooting, editing, and delivery. I encourage all book in advance. Waiting too long could result in being turned away as my schedule is limited.

Where does my session take place? Can you come to my home?

We can do indoor or outdoor. My sweet spot is outside BUT I have done several successful photo shoots indoors as well and in people's home.


I also travel to different cities to do photo shoots. The costs are a little bit higher because of travel, lodging and food costs on top of the cost to shoot, but it is an option depending on my schedule. And if I travel to another city, its a minimum of 2 hours for the shoot. 

Why do family sessions cost more? 

The more people you add, the harder it is to get a perfect shot of everyone looking at the camera with a pleasant expression all in one shot. I enjoy capturing families interacting (loving on those babies) but know that sometimes you really want one of everyone looking. Believe it or not, it's usually mom and dad I have a hard time with- it's natural tendency to look down to check on children, tell them to smile, remove hands from mouths, fix hair, etc. Family sessions take the longest to edit and are priced to reflect this.

How are my images delivered? 

You will receive an email with a link to a password protected gallery of your images along with download instructions.

How much is the cost of your photo sessions?

Currently it is priced at $350 per hour for Full Shoot.

Family of more than 4 members is an additional $20 per person after four people. So if you have 6 people, thats an additional $40 on top of the hourly fee. 

Head shots are $100 for 15 minute shoot, per person.

These fees includes post processing, and ALL edited digital images via download link. Once you receive the link you have 24 hours to download your images. If you miss downloading the images in that timeframe, a $150 fee will be applied to have the images unarchived and download link active again. 

How do I contact you? 

Email is best!