Nature, Stars, And Doobie Road Trips

When I was in Canada a few weeks ago, I texted one of my mentors, Hans Johnson, a few photos I had taken. This photo below I sent him and he said "Wow that's freakin' amazing!"

Then I sent him this photo below.

And he made another comment that was pretty hilarious... "Dang! You look like you just got done smokin' a doob in that photo."

This shot was taken by my friend Mariana after of course I set the shot up for her to take! haha...

Then he proceeded to say "Seriously you could be a freelance photographer...AWAI has a whole course on that FYI! Get published in"AWAI is a great source for copywriting, if you're interested in that kind of stuff. It helped me and continues to help me make a good amount of money.

I of course texted back, "Gotta check it out!"

So I proceeded to look for this website...

Well I couldn't find it!

Or maybe he sent it to me wrong...

Find out he was joking.

BUT I didn't find out he was joking about the website until I got back from my trip and told him I looked up the URL and couldn't find it and he and my awesome mama, Dani Johnson, laughed so hard.

Thats when I realized it was a joke!

So there you go.... really doesn't exist...

Except I just purchased the URL last night just in case I wanted to do something with it in the future!