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What I Learned From An Unlikely Source

The other day I woke up thinking about Abraham (the image of the boy featured on this post). He's 8 years old.

I met him earlier this year when I went to Nicaragua with a small group of people.

He ran over to greet me with a smile and ask for my photo.

I said "sure, but I must have you're photo as well so I don't forget you!". He shook his head with a smile and said, "yes!" (We communicated all this in Spanish)

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Bridge Over Troubled Waters...

I ran into a lot of bridges on my trip. I kept thinking about the song "Bridge Over Troubled Waters." If my heart can hear, I kept hearing "Sail on silvergirl...Sail on by" Kind of gave me strength to keep going seeing so many bridges...Gave me strength to keep dreaming and keep doing. One thing to dream and not do anything...another to dream and not being afraid to go after...not afraid to chase after...

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