What Good Can Come Out Of Lebanon, PA?

A few weeks ago I went to visit some really good friends of mine in Lebanon, PA. I wasn't expecting the scenery that I got the privilege of viewing and capturing. I was amazed at the beauty I got to see. I stayed in the area for 6 days and it was very relaxing and we were not too far away from Hershey, PA. If you ever end up in the area, visit the downtown Lebanon. There's a really cool Farmer's Market that is open for only a few days out of the week. Be sure to grab some salted caramel chocolates and if you like sushi, on the second floor there is a spot that serves up great sushi for an incredible bargain! Below are a few photos I took of the downtown area.

Driving around town you don't get a whole lot of traffic lights which is a plus. Instead there is a lot of beautiful rolling hills and landscapes. Farm houses are in abundance and the animals roam around in the fields.

A cool thing to do with your family/friends is head on over to the Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA. Apparently there are only 2 in the U.S. We went to see Samson and it was outstanding. Like experiencing a Broadway show! View the Trailer HERE!

Another cool spot to go and check out is the Tröegs Independent Brewing Company in Hershey, PA! Its a short drive from Lebanon, and it is worth it. They have a collection of beer that they brew and their food selection is tasty!

If none of these things interest you, there's always Hershey Park, and sneaking in Sunday breakfast at the Hershey Hotel! The cost is a little high BUT the food is amazing. Overall my time in Lebanon, PA was amazing. And I found out a lot of good is coming out of Lebanon, PA! This place is a hidden gem :).

Explore well,